Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday 7am to 3pm

Saturday - 7am to 2pm

Sunday & Monday - Closed

The Airgun Specialists

  • Dedicated Air Guns Only
  • PCP airgun repair & tuning centre
  • Over 30 years combined experience in competitive shooting, military sharp shooting and long range target shooting
  • Expert knowledge in marksman principles, correct usage of optics, gear setup and much more
  • The lowdown!

    Absolute Airguns is run by long time shooting enthusiast Andrew Rees. His shooting days begun when he was 8 years old and from the second he was introduced to the sport he was hooked.

    Today you will find Andrew taking part in long range shooting, helping new and experienced shooters better their shooting skills and tuning/servicing various airguns. He has taken part in shooting competitions, pest control and has served in the military as a weapons engineer along with other various roles.