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Brocock’s integrated XR series is designed to be modular, accepting parts and fittings across the range, and all rifles are compatible with ‘AR’ styled part upgrades and accessories.

The Concept XR features an adjustable telescopic stock that allows pull-length adjustment for different shooting scenarios, shooting stances or tailored gunfit grip, underside picatinny accessory rail, and optional folding stock, making the Concept XR the ideal choice for hunters looking for a small, compact yet powerful carbine -style rifle.

Fitted with the very latest and greatest Huma-Air regulator and high-grade shrouded barrel, the Concept XR can produce up to 52 joules of energy, while delivering a record number of shots.

The new rifle uses a slick sidelever action for light and fast shooting from Brococks latest Self Indexing magazine.

Concept XR Features include:

  • Ergonomic sidelever operation
  • Valve Type: Huma-Air Regulator
  • Air-Source: Cylinder (150cc)
  • Trigger: Two stage adjustable
  • Multiple power settings via side power adjuster
  • Removable new style self-indexing magazine with single shot tray supplied
  • Resettable safety catch
  • Collapsible stock/foldable stock option
  • Forend picatinny rail
  • Full length, built-in moderator with adaptor for second stage silencer

Brocock Concept XR is fitted with optional accessories from the Brocock and MTC Optics range


  • Fitted with Huma regulator


  • 100 shots per charge in 12 ft lbs
  • Length 33"/ 838mm
  • Weight 6.5 lbs / 2.9kg


  • 130 shots per charge in 12 ft lbs
  • Length 33" / 838mm
  • Weight 6.5 lbs / 2.9kg


  • 135 shots per charge in 12 ft lbs
  • Length 33"/ 838mm
  • Weight 6.5 lbs / 2.9kg
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