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AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph

AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph

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AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph (1/2″ UNF)


Suitable for:

  • Spring, PCP, BB & CO2 airguns
  • Max calibre .25 (6.35mm)


  • 1/2″ UNF threaded
  • User-programmable Measures up to 3,280fps
  • FPS or MPS readout
  • Grain or gram weight entry
  • Projectile weight can be user-set using (both Grains & Grams)
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminium construction
  • Onboard USB rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Wireless integration to smartphone
  • Free app available (i0S / Android)

A CHRONOGRAPH is a vital tool to have in any airgunner’s kitbag. Besides accurately measuring the pellet’s velocity, it also provides reassurance that – in the case of sub-12 ft/lb, non-FAC airguns – you are legally power-compliant. And it also indicates shot-to-shot consistency – such an important factor when it comes to downrange accuracy.

Chronos are often large and unwieldy, best-suited for indoor use with restrictive lighting requirements. Smaller ones can sometimes be a ‘fiddle’, needing rubber bands or Blu-Tack to attach them to your airgun’s barrel!

Now, though, such problems are in the past, thanks to the all-new AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph! Uniquely, this is designed to screw directly onto the industry standard ½” UNF muzzle thread of today’s airguns. Besides making it simple to fit, the AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph also eliminates misaligned shots. Such shots could otherwise give an incorrect reading or, worse, hit and break the sensors!

The Muzzle Mount Chronograph is self-contained in a short and lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium screw-on muzzle attachment. It can be used in all weather and lighting conditions thanks to its infrared sensors and illuminated LCD display screen.

It’s powered by an integral Li-ion battery, also rechargeable on-chrono via the supplied USB-C cable. Additionally, the AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph features simple push-button operation. Readouts can be set in either imperial (fps, ft/lbs) or metric (mps, joules).

It’s programmable for pellet weight (grains or grammes) and up to 100 shots can be stored into, and recalled from its memory. It even offers the option to wirelessly link to a free-to-download App that provides added functionality with an iOS or Android smartphone.

The new AirForceOne Muzzle Mount Chronograph will accurately measure the velocity of projectiles up to a staggering 3,280fps (1,000mps). So it is suitable for all PCP, spring, CO2 and BB air rifles and pistols with ½” UNF-threaded muzzles. And those fitted with threaded muzzle adapters. It will work with gun calibers from .177/4.5mm through .25/6.35mm.

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