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FX Dynamic VP Black 700mm FAC

The power, innovation, and performance of the Panthera – but geared for hunting.

The FX Dynamic is a pneumatic rifle built for more than competition. It’s a rifle that wants to hunt. Harnessing technology at the forefront of airgun performance, the Dynamic brings higher air capacity and configurations than its competition focused sister rifle, the FX Panthera. The Dynamic also includes a .35 calibre option that will allow up to 200 ft lbs of energy while maintaining world-class FX accuracy and precision.

This purpose-built slug rifle utilizes its namesake breech block. The Dynamic block has a one-piece, compact, short-impulse/high-power balanced valve which is both extremely efficient while also allowing a tremendous and precise amount of air with each shot. Tuned properly the rifle will achieve low single digit standard deviations, one of just many advantages the FX Dynamic offers. The block is fed by the cutting-edge Over-The-Barrel Power Plenum, a design only found with FX. This allows multiple plenum lengths to be employed to match the calibre and power of the rifle. This plenum also applies consistent regulated pressure to strengthen barrel rigidity.

The FX Dynamic can be built and offered in multiple configurations.

  • The Dynamic VP rear 400cc aluminium bottle with moulded cheek cover. Ships without a hard case and front arca rail, leaving it bare for future upgrades or to be configured to shooters needs.


Cooking System Right hand positioned sidelever with an ambidextrous mount to be able to relocate sidelever on left side for lefthanded shooters
Magazine Type (Shots) 22 shot when Cal .177
18 shot when Cal .22
16 shot when Cal .25
13 shot when Cal .30
10 shots when Cal .35
Stock Ambidextrous
Rear Recoil pad adjustable in height and length of pull
Grip AR15 style grip
Calibre 4.5 (.177)
5.5 (.22)
6.35 (.25)
7.62 (.30)
9.00 (.35)
Barrel Superior Heavy STX barrel liner
Shot Capacity 4.5 (.177) N/A
5.5 (.22) 144 shots with 22 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
6.35 (.25) 112 shots with 26 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
7.62 (.30) 64 shots with 44.5 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
9.00 (.35) 30 shots with 68 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
Fill Pressure Max 250 bar (3625 psi)
Safety Switch Style
Optics Picatinny rail with built in 6 MIL/20 MOA angle. Marked with figures on the right side for easy repositioning of optics.
Muzzle Built-In Shroud system (variations may occur depending on country)
Pressure Gauge Dual Angled Gauges:
Air tube pressure WIKA
Regulator pressure WIKA
Trigger Adjustable Match Trigger. Trigger blade can be adjusted in reach, height and rotated to set the blade in an angle
Velocity N/A
Energy 4.5 (.177) N/A
5.5 (.22) up to 96 ft/lbs with 40gr slug at 1040 fps
6.35 (.25) up to 107 ft/lbs with 55.5gr slug at 930 fps
7.62 (.30) up to 150 ft/lbs with 70gr slug at 982 fps
9.00 (.35) up to 198 ft/lbs with 125gr slug at 845 fps
Air Capacity 400 cc air cylinder + plenum volume
Air Cylinder Aluminium bottle, removable.
Length 1207mm – 47.5”
Weight 3.5kg – 7.65lbs
Charging Rear Foster Quick Disconnect, dust cap included
Plenum Magnum XL Plenum – 156 cc
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